C3 Customer Service and Support

C3 has a firm understanding of telecom carrier billing practices and the challenges our customers face managing their costs.  C3 is here to be your partner in identifying and resolving your billing issues, generating refunds for billing errors, conducting contract compliance billing reviews, and managing your term carrier agreements.


C3 Provides this for:

  • Local Voice
  • Long Distance Domestic or Global
  • Toll Free
  • All WAN, IP and Data services
  • All wireless/mobility devices
  • Audioconferencing/Videoconferencing
  • PBX/Maintenance contracts


Please contact us today and let us know how we can help!

C3 manages the process of obtaining data from wireless partners and performs the optimization analysis for our clients

We conduct a thorough wireline audit includes all voice and data services domestic or international customers.

Maximum savings on all fixed and wireless contracts for domestic or worldwide customers and affiliates.