Locate Telecom Refunds with a Billing Audit

Locate Telecom Refunds with a Billing Audit

Does your company have a telecom manager or telecom department? If your company does, they stay busy keeping your services operational, and typically don’t have time to thoroughly review all the phone bills and compare them with contract and usage every month. Why pay for a telecom department unless you really need one? C3 ensures your company pays the accurate amount for services delivered, finds and fixes any billing errors, and works to maintain accurate and optimized billing on a monthly basis. We bill on a contingency fee basis with invoices held until your telecom invoices show proof of savings.

Telecom Audit will Examine Telecom Contracts for Telecom Refunds

The answer to the question why have a telecom audit is simple. People are under the impression that service providers make mistakes on purpose.  Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Your account teams will be happy to correct any legitimate billing mistake once you find it, but don’t count on a refund every time. Many details are needed to determine if you qualify for a refund. Your contract clauses may also come into play regarding the term of the available  refunds.  Can you get a refund of 2 years? Or only 6 months? A telecom audit can answer all these questions for you.

Many companies change providers searching for a way to lower expenses. Before outsourcing your telecom department or changing carriers, C3 recommends a telecom audit. We don’t want our clients to be at risk of losing telecom refunds against billing mistakes not found before changing carriers or service providers.  It is best to correct these billing mistakes before a major change.

Manage and Control Your Telecom Expenses with a Telecom Audit

When statistics show that over 90% of phone bills contain errors and mistakes, it is just good business to verify that your bills are accurate.  Whether the errors found are your fault or the Service Provider’s, why just pay your bills each month without reviewing them?  Why pay 25-40% in errors when there is an alternative? A telecom bill audit can provide the answers to the questions inside the phone and telecom services.

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