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Jody Cloud

Managing Partner

Jody Cloud, entrepreneur, owner and founder of C3 was born in 1959 in historical Charleston, South Carolina and later attended Louisiana State University, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Over the last 35 years Jody has founded and operated a number of highly successful expense recovery and energy solutions companies.


In addition to his expense management companies, Jody also heads one of America’s fastest growing LED Lighting brands, YES LED Lighting and is the author of the bestseller book Say YES to LED Lighting, “Our Strategy for Success”.


Don Morrow

Partner – Director of Operations

Don Morrow, co-founder of C3, was born in Kansas City, Missouri and attended the University of Kansas and later spent 10 years working for AT&T, Qwest, and Broad Wing.


During Don’s carrier tenure he ranked in the top 10% in sales attainment and retention, and served as a telecom team leader.


In 2007, Don teamed with Jody Cloud to co-found C3, a boutique auditing firm designed to help clients understand and accurately govern their telecom services, contracts, overall cost and subsequent spend.


Don found the perfect landing place for his unique and hard-earned talents and has continued to utilize his expertise to oversee the governance of C3 clients in managing audits, optimizations, and contract negotiation projects.


To date, with Don at the forefront C3 has been responsible for the recovery and savings of millions of dollars in telecom overpayments and millions more in successful contract negotiations.


Jim Clark

VP – Business Development

A Chicago native who attended the University of Illinois, Jim spent fifteen years as a top performer with AT&T and Verizon as a major account manager where he specifically excelled in the areas of sales and customer service.


The years Jim spent at the above mentioned “top” carriers has given him the expertise and understanding necessary to interact with clients of all sizes and spend.


A true industry professional Jim is a top performer and major contributor to TEAM C3.


Bill Armstrong

Major Account Manager

Bill joined C3 in 2015 after 20 years of carrier experience at AT&T and Verizon in the areas of fixed and mobility services, Enterprise and Global accounts are Bill’s forte and he has been a top performed at every level.


Bill is responsible for new client acquisition, development of client relationships, and assists with the ongoing development of C3 service offerings.


Melissa Marts

Project Manager

Melissa Marts graduated from Abilene Christian University. Her 20-year career includes positions with carriers, consulting firms and beyond wherein she accumulated an extensive background in many diverse areas of telecommunications.


Graduating to more advanced projects over time, Melissa has acquired unparalleled expertise in the enterprise telecom arena and is considered one of the top performers in the telecom field. Her area of expertise lie in the review, analysis, and auditing of telecom bills and contracts.


Melissa is proud to call C3 her business home and works every day to identify and implement capital recoveries and cost reductions on behalf of clients whose collective annual telecom spends are in excess of 50 million dollars.


Recognized and respected by her peers, Melissa Marts has earned an excellent reputation in the telecom industry.


Jennifer King

Business Development Executive

Jennifer has been a solid member of the C3 since 2018, and while a relative newcomer she continues to impress and inspire with her incredible work ethic.


She utilizes her twelve years of enterprise telecom experience to the definitive advantage of every client who crosses her path.


Kathy Vargas

Business Development Executive

Kathy is from Dallas, Texas and attended Texas Tech University. Kathy spent several years as a major account executive at Verizon where she was a top performer in the areas of sales and new customer integration and support.


Her skill set is nothing short of amazing and her ability with clients is second to none.


An appreciated C3 TEAM member, Kathy is invaluable to C3 and is a definitive favorite of our clients.


Allison White

Business Development Executive

Allison is from Phoenix, Arizona and attended Arizona State University. Allison served as a long time AT&T account executive Allison is forward thinking and understands client needs both now as well as the future relative to corporate growth.


A true savant in the realm of client needs and spend, Allison is an awesome addition to the C3 TEAM.


Heather Cornell

C3 – Review Team

Heather graduated from Harding University and joined C3 as an assistant auditor where she continues to excel at working with C3 clients in understanding their billing data and identifying billing errors.


A key contributor to our project initiatives, Heather continues to excel in her role of identifying and correcting billing errors on behalf of C3 clients.


Lindsey Price

C3- Review Team

Lindsey Price was born and raised in Huntsville, Texas and later graduated from Sam Houston.


Joining C3 in 2016 Lindsey has performed time and time again in the area locating and subsequently resolving billing errors as well as identifying and eliminating unnecessary and or redundant services.


Lindsey is a value member of the C3 TEAM.