Telecom Expense Monitoring Service that stops overcharges and billing errors before they become losses.

Stop telecommunications losses before they start with TEM Guard™


Enterprise telecommunications expense management monitoring system that catches over charges and billing errors by your Telecom Carriers.


TEM Guard™ Acts As Your Company’s Telecommunications Expense Management guardian, alerting you to the errors that always afflict companies and go undetected.

3 Steps To Start Saving

  1. Subscribe to TEM Guard digital monitoring of all your telecommunications invoicing.
  2. Carrier invoices are redirected for automatic loading into TEM Guard.
  3. TEM Guard alerts you of overcharges, billing errors, and mistakes that cost the average business 7%-12% of their budget annually.

Features & Benefits:

  • Telecommunications inventory and Asset Management
  • Automated functioning
  • Invoice audit, evaluation & reporting
  • Procurement and change management
  • Alerting of billing errors
  • Contract monitoring for expiration, total spend and revenue commitment
  • Monitors all telecom expense across multiple offices nationwide
  • Eliminate errors that usually go undetected by you or your carriers
  • Stop overcharges
  • Reduces telecom expenditures
  • Reduces time spent manually reviewing invoices by accounting personnel
  • Spend reporting per company location and per carrier.

For more information on TEM Guard monitoring service for your company’s telecommunications expenses, call to speak with a customer care representative. 
Phone: 214.320.3205