Fixed Telecom Expense Review

Do you question your LANDLINE TELECOM expense? YOU SHOULD!
95% of all telecom billing contains errors.

C3 will create a detailed inventory of your current voice and data services and billing.
Once the inventory is approved, we then review all charges, fees, and taxes for accuracy.


The following services are included in the C3 review:

Contract Compliance :
C3 will compare all contracts as to they relate to your telecom expense to ensure all services are being billed correctly.


Error corrections:
After our review is complete C3 will correct all billing errors after client approval.


Refunds and Recovery:
C3 will work with all service providers to recover all applicable fees and as such will drive the process of ensuring appropriate credits and refunds are applied to your accounts.


Carrier Assessments and Vendor Selection:
C3 will compare services and billing practices and rates to that of other carriers and offer savings recommendations in all areas relative to finding lower cost options for domestic and or international services. Our recommendations will always be designed to control costs while maintaining client business requirements for bandwidth and services.

Wireless Analysis

Contract Negotiations

Cloud Analysis